Telephone No. 44 Telephone No. 44B

Tele No. 44 is used manual areas and has no provision for a dial.

Tele No. 44B is for automatic areas and is fitted with a dial.  This phone can be found in the GPO Stores Catalogue 1928.

The telephone is equipped with an extensible handset, known as a Telephone No. 36 (shown to the right in a collapsed state), the whole item fitted into a leather carrying case.

This non-dial version came as a Mark NT No. 3 (fitted with a Telephone No. 36) or a Mark NT No. 4 (fitted with a Telephone No. 84)

Circuit diagram - N144.

Made by British Ericsson - Model No. N1831

Other Pictures

Telephone No. 44
 Telephone with Handset stored
Handset removed from storage
Handset collapsed
Handset extended
Mouthpiece cover open
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